Hello, I am Cory Torrella.

I do marketing for companies –
sometimes disruptive & experimental,
always clean.


Why I’m different

Immense Value.

By hiring me, you’re getting the background of a full service marketing agency without the enormous fees and commissions.
I present unmatched Return On Investment, because it is ​the most important factor.​​

Extensive Knowledge of Powerful Tools.

I am experienced with costly marketing tools that have massive learning curves. These tools are not economical for most businesses to invest in, specifically because of time. A single software (of many) can take weeks or more to learn, and even longer to master. You have a business to run, and I am here to empower you.

Marketing as a Process, Not an Event.

Building trust, repeat clients, and customer referrals doesn’t happen with one website and one blog post. A top search engine ranking will fade fast without ongoing, valuable content. You don’t lift weight one time and expect to see results that last.
I provide your consistency advantage.

​​​Dedicated Advertising Consultant.

With vast experience in both analytics and strategy, I will provide a deep market analysis to any advertising campaign – providing you with answers you need, quickly. We’ll deconstruct our competitor’s strategy, cut slack, and do better on what we find that works. Exceeding industry average is just the start.

Under Promised, Over Delivered.

I’m not going to pretend I don’t care if you hire me. I’m not going to tread lightly and lob softballs at you. I’m going to throw hard and fast and down the middle of the plate. I want you to swing and knock it out of the park.
After all, your success is my success.​

Understand why & how your audience uses technology,
then align your communication efforts.


To learn more about any of the following services,
send a short email & let’s schedule a phone call.

Audience Dev

With a strong focus on lead generation, social media is much more than just promoting your business to the world. My tactics strategically evoke immediate action: buy, download, register, review, request – connect.

cory-marketing-social-mediaTwitter is a lightweight and frictionless way to engage customers. Once they follow you, they’ll encounter you on their timeline during the normal course of their social experience. The entire process is done manually. First by extracting data, matching lists, and running algorithms to show us only those who are active and display the behavior of your buyer-profile, then by methodically engaging these targeted profiles.


Social Media Mgmt

Companies today are required to have a strong social presence. Why? Credibility, customer loyalty, more visibility, traffic, and leads – to name a few. The problem is that most social media “experts” don’t know how to monetize your audience. I don’t chase vanity metrics, I look for revenue. If you’re reading this, you found this site through tactical social marketing. Don’t settle for an intern or assistant, call me.

Full engagement on the best 3 social platforms for your industry.
+ Audience Development Services
+ Tactical Posting, Sharing, & Responding
+ Sales & Customer Service via Social

Marketing Project Mgmt

cory-digital-marketing-ppcPPC Admin / Online Ads / Google Adwords

A Pay Per Click advertising campaign has one goal: 1. Driving visitors to your business. More specifically, driving visitors who are ready to buy your product or services. I make sure your money is well spent.

Detailed Market & Keyword Research | Campaign Structure | Landing Page | Ad Copy | Bid Pricing | Budget | Launch | Conversion Tracking | Negative Keywords | Monitor | Ad Rotation | A-B Testing



Search Engine Optimized

Organic inbound traffic means that when a prospect is looking for your product/service​, they find you. The process to ranking #1 is evolving daily & requires heavy consistency. The competition between professionals/companies competing for online real estate is quickly intensifying, making Search Engine Optimization (SEO) much more than a buzzword.

Content Relevancy | Keyword Specific | Traffic | Engagement | Bounce Rate | Structure | Access | Speed | URLs | Meta | Link Quality & Count | Authority | History | Identity | Reputation | Locality | Social Factors


cory-digital-marketing-website-maintenanceWebsite Design / Develop / Admin

Through a cohesive design strategy, your company should have a beautiful, polished, and professional image that will allow you to stand out in today’s competitive environment. I will help convey your message accurately and well, across all mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms.

Fast Loading | Easy Navigation | Visually Appealing | Customized | Search Engine Friendly | Aligned to Fit Your Company’s Branding | Compatible with New & Old Technology | Content Management System | Integrated Sales Flow


cory-marketing-content-copywritingCopywrite & Content

Content Marketing: the ruthless dance between answering your prospects questions while systematically telling search engines you are the best source. Copywriting: an art of catchy headlines combined with useful and valuable content that is intriguing, searchable, and shareable.

On-Page Content | Off-Page Articles | Ad Copy | Emails | News | Scripts | Blogs | Press Releases | Ebooks | Lead Magnets | Consumer Guides | Presentations | White Papers


Have you hired a company and suspicious that something isn’t right?
(Examples: Agency not spending full budget, taking more than agreed fees. Inaccuracies with the reporting/analytics.)

Would you like a second opinion on a marketing product before signing a contract?
(Example: Never sign a contract with Yelp as a small business due to extortion practices.)

Want an audit on any type of online advertising campaign?
(Example: In-house team put together a Google Adwords campaign and quality scores are average or below.)

Audits, Analysis, Strategy, and More – $250/hour

Instead of one-way interruption, web marketing delivers
useful content at the precise moment a buyer needs it.

Case Studies


Build an Audience of Thousands for Authors, Consultants, Speakers,
Event Coordinators, SaaS/Web/Apps, & Businesses from Early Stage to 30-year-old Companies.

Impressive eCommerce Results for a Strength Training/CrossFit Resistance Bands Company.

Beautiful Design & Local SEO for a 5-Star Preschool/Child Care.

Inventory Maintenance and Affordable Marketing for a Las Vegas Fashion Jewelry Boutique

SEO and Social Media for a highly Successful Commercial Aquaponics Farm

Manage massive Pay Per Click Campaigns & for over 122 automotive dealers.

Setup and Manage CRM (Customer Relationship Management Tool) for High Volume Yoga Studio

Ghost Audit a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency on Behalf of a Client

Drive Targeted Leads for a B2B Direct Mail Company

And many, many more.

Improve your business with an impressive online presence.
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